OEG Brakes


OEG brakes

The OEG safaty brakes are spring pressure brake type. Powering the coil, the induced magnetic circuit attracts the springs system.

Opening the power circuit, springs cause the mobile anchor to be released thus generating a high precision braking, according to the application.


The choice of the brake depends mainly on the moment of inertia to be braked, the number of interventions/hour, the duty severity and the necessary idle times.
A first selection of the type of brake shall be made according to the type of application.


The O.E.G. brakes can work in case of power failure, thanks to pressure springs. When power is supplied to the magnet casing (1), the mobile anchor (2) is attracted and overcome the springs force (7), thus allowing the free rotation of the shaft (13) on which is assembled the brake disc (3) sliding axially on the toothed hub (4). Turning power off, le springs (7) push the mobile anchor (2), sliding on guides (9), thus pressingthe brake disc (3) against themotor flange (26). So the shaft (13) is braked. Construction with several springs and braking in case of power failure guarantee an intrinsic safety of the equipment.



Performances of the brakes and connected devices choul be checked according to their application. The following factors had to be taken in particular consideration:

  1. braking torque, especially when there is an overload risk;
  2. thermic load ;
  3. wear of the friction packings with reference to the maintenance intervals, especially when a brake manual release is installed;
  4. ambient temperature for continuous duty should not exceed 40°C and not be less than -5°C.In case of outrange temperature contact directly the manufacturer;
  5. particular environment conditions for wich antisorrosive protection and/or treatments are necessary.

An improper selection of the brake, a wrong installation and lack of periodical maintenence, can lead to brake mulfunction and consequent damages to things, persons and/or animals. Whenever the brake malfunction may cause damages to things, persons and/or animals, additional protections should be actuated besides the existing ones. Do not operate brake manual release if not able to anticipate the consequences of such operation.



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