OEG, innovation and quality craftsmanship

O.E.G. srl begins to construct spring pressure safety brakes in alternating three-phase current since1959 on original plan. The high innovation introduced degree made, in the following years, this series of brakes becoming the standard, imitated from other constructors.


In successive years O.E.G. srl revolutionary series of brakes in continuum flow for a specific use in wood machining, very soon imitated; the peculiar innovation of this type of brake was the winding for semiwave current rectifier, that can temporary over-excitate the brakes to entire wave, with the consequent doubling of performances.


Currently O.E.G. srl produces various series of negatives and positive electromagnetic brakes and with many exclusive solutions covered from licence. O.E.G. srl plans and produces electromagnets and selectors used in the textile field and permanent electromagnets for the raising. O.E.G. srl plans and produces for the complete satisfaction of the customers, offering solutions personalized and special, always in conformity to the communitarian directives on the low tension and electromagnetic compatibility. The O.E.G. srl company business system is certified by CSQ-IQNET according to directive UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.


The O.E.G. srl products are certified by low tension CE directives and, on request, by more restrictives North American UL directives (Underwiters Laboratories Inc.).



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